A war of mocking each other out, through words: North Korea versus United States Claim

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North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un has been in talks for what not? Whether be it, one after another missile tests that it conducts as a routine military check at the border, or videos of the citizens of North Korea demanding to get out from the phase of a nation that is shut off from the world!

This time Mr Kim- Jong Un fired a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile on Friday, September the 15th. This missile is an intermediate range missile and was fired by the leader to complete Pyongyang’s nuclear program.



According to the Korean Central news agency, with whom the leader Kim-Jong Un shared few words stated, “Sole aim of North Korea is to establish an equivalent situation with the military forces of United States. This is to make sure that the United States shut their mouth when it comes to talking about military options for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

The intermediate range missile was fired over Japan on Friday and is believed to be North Korea’s response to a new round of United Nations sanctions over their sixth- nuclear test with its farthest-ever missile flight. In response to which the United States president Donald Trump responded the first thing on Sunday morning.

Replying on the abilities of North Korea to match real time force of the United States, Donald Trump says,” He has no idea how many options have Pentagon got. Pentagon has plenty of military options.”Mocking the North Korea’s leader completely, the US president chose twitter as he mostly does for his response, “I spoke with President of South Korea last night and asked him about how the Rocket Man is doing? Long gas lines which are forming in the clouds of North Korea are too bad!”

Advisers to the US president have already done their part by warning North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. They have strictly made sure that the United States government would leave no stone unturned to defend itself and the Allies if North Korea continued its reckless behavior.

A major statement came from Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations on Sunday, almost admitting how United States would not mind destroying North Korea.

Haley said, ‘If North Korea does not change its reckless behavior and the United Nations is forced to defend its allies, it would destroy North Korea.”

With this week’s United Nations general assembly meeting in New York, North Korea is assumed to be a major topic of talks! Also, the United States president, Donald Trump is to make his first appearance at the UN general assembly. The president will give out his voice on Tuesday 19th September.



Already calling the United Nations body to be “lacking strength and non-democratic”, it would interesting to see how Donald Trump manifests his first speech for the organization. Denying all the allegations, Donald Trump had earlier confirmed how United Nations body was no friend to USA.


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  • Date September 17, 2017
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