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An Inspiring Social Innovator: Mr. Ravindra Munnloinmath Claim

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A Social Innovator is someone who brings together ideas, resources and tools towards finding practical solutions to the problems that have to be addressed quickly.

Global challenges like deforestation and Global warming have become only a part of debates and discussion forums. There are very few people who are really concerned about the problems. And there are even fewer people who act towards solving the problem and bring in the change. Bringing in this change is assumed to be a quite uphill task.

Why do people don’t take these issues seriously? Why don’t they address them as a community or society?  Because they are not inspired enough and many don’t like to volunteer selflessly for the cause.

So what is the solution?

You have to incorporate the solutions subconsciously in the way people live and in the way they practice their lives. And we all have to come up with these innovative solutions as a community or society to start something new.

Mr. Ravindra Munnolimath is one such individual who has addressed these issues by blending the solutions with the customs and traditions that we observe.

He distributed plants and saplings while observing Memorial Day of his beloved mother, late Savitri Munnolimath. He believes that his mother will be best remembered by this, as every plant and tree that grows will stand for her love and respect. He distributed these plants and saplings for all of his relatives and guests who attended the Memorial Day.

People took a note of the cause and they promptly planted the plants and saplings at their location after the event. The photographs were shared on what’s app groups which further motivated the ones who had not planted the trees!

His Holiness Shri Rachayya Shivapujimath graced the day with his presence and several family volunteers like Mr. Shivanand Shivapujimath, Mr Ramesh Shivapujimath, Mr. Umesh Munnolimath helped towards making the cause successfull.

In parts of India, several other Asian countries, Russia, Vietnam etc, after the death of an individual a ritual is observed expressing ones respectful feelings for the ancestors. It is accomplished to satiate one’s ancestors. It is usually a private ceremony performed by the family members of the departed soul. Though not mandated spiritually, it is typically performed by the eldest son and other siblings and family members join in offering prayers together.

Blending in social solutions like these in to our customs and rituals may offer a whole new dimension towards addressing social and environmental causes. Lot of social initiatives like these should be taken and incorporated in our daily lives.



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