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Are you only a complainer or a doer? Do you only want to complain about the negativity and bias in the News Media today? Or you would like to volunteer and join us to bring in the much needed positivity and change?

P4U Reporter strongly believes in creating a strong community of CITIZEN JOURNALISTS who will revolutionize the entire News Media and Journalism sector and question the current status quo of News media and journalism.



Since the inception of Press, there is no participation by the people at large in News Media. Hence it has remained a closed sector. This has helped some News Media companies who selectively publish News to their interests. The news is predominantly negative, vastly limited to bigger cities, events, and politics. And it is filtered and influenced by vested interest and is also generalised and sensationalised which is detrimental to the society.


We also believe that, to create a truly independent News Media, News centres should be taken away from state and national capitals, they should not take sides and no monetary resources should come between the News and its presentation. All these things can be achieved if there is strong people’s participation in News submission.

Only then we can create a truly independent media and not just a mirage of independent media.
Only then we can represent a better and positive world. The world, as it is.

Hence join the revolution. Join us as “P4U REPORTER – CITIZEN JOURNALISTS” and create a huge impact towards building a better world for you, for your children and for your community.

Be the change. 

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  • Person Dr. Prashant M H

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