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What is “Me Too”? Claim

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‘Me too’: Women across the world share experiences of sexual assault and harassment following Harvey Weinstein scandal

“Me too”, the two words that have flooded social media sites over the past few days and is still spreading like wildfire. These words are being posted on social media by millions of women all across the globe who have faced sexual harassment and assault.

This sexual abuse campaign highlights the magnitude of prevailing sexual assaults on women. The hashtag “Me too” posts are increasing in number with each passing second. It proves the society’s disability to provide a safe environment for women.

This movement was started by Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano on her friend’s suggestion. She asked others to write “Me too” in response to her tweet if they have ever been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment at any point in their life. Currently, her original tweet has more than 40,000 comments. This movement also spread across Facebook where more than 9 million people were seen posting and talking about it.



The Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of alleged rape and sexual assaults on many women. Some of the high profile Hollywood actresses including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rose McGowen opened up and accused him of rape and sexual assaults. However, the Hollywood producer claims that all the sexual relations were consensual. To counter the claims made by Harvey Weinstein, some of the high profile names posted the details of harassment they’ve endured.

Many social media users also shared the stories of the abuse they’ve endured. This sexual abuse campaign is also voiced by men and the members of the transgender community including actor and singer Javier Munoz.

Police investigations have been launched in the USA and UK against Harvey Weinstein in response to the snowballed allegations made against him. Asia Argento, Lucia Evans, and Lysette Anthony said that they have been raped by the disgraced Hollywood magnate.



A New York Times investigation revealed that within this month only he had reached out-of-court settlements with eight women. Hollywood actor Colin Firth admits to feeling ‘shame’ for not doing more after “disturbing” claims about one of the industry’s tycoon. Over this weekend during an emergency board meeting, the organization behind the Oscars voted to expel Harvey Weinstein. The organizers of Cannes Film Festival said that they were shocked after these allegations came into limelight. Moreover, the Hollywood producer is suspended by The British Academy Film Awards. The French President Emmanuel Macron’s office released a statement mentioning that they have started the process to strip Harvey Weinstein of his “Legion of Honour”, country’s highest civilian distinction.

According to report, more than 45 percent of people in U.S. are friends with someone who has faced sexual assault and harassment. The movement also reached Instagram with more than 300,000 posts associated with “Me too” hashtag.

There are some other hashtags that are being generated other than “Me too” as a movement against the same cause. In France, many Twitter users posted #balancetonporc to encourage victims to name and shame their attackers. While #womenwhoroar is also gaining popularity to encourage women to speak about their sexual abuse.

The “Me too” hashtag is not meant for women only, the “Me too” for Men is equally important. Let’s not forget that many men and boys are also victims of sexual abuse. Both the genders suffer abuse and some strict actions should be taken so that the world can see a significant reduction in the number of “Me too” posts.




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