The Negative News is, “there is no key to happiness”.

The Positive News is, “it isn’t locked”!


What are you focusing on these days? What type of community consciousness are you building for your children and parents?

For many people, the day starts with Newspaper headlines (which are Negative most of the time), and it ends with a Prime time News on a News channel, which is even more Negative and sensational! And your kids and parents watch it with you!

In your own life, has this resulted in a set of negative expectations? What effects has this had on your life?

One of the marvels of being human is our ability to fill any event with uplifting or devastating significance.

So don’t just sit complaining about negativity and bias in News Media. Contribute towards positivity. Participate in “P4U REPORTER – POSITIVE NEWS CAMPAIGN” now!


We all have dreams….

Whatever we focus on determines how we feel. And how we feel – our state of mind – powerfully influences our actions and interactions.

We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we have a special gift, that we can make a difference, that we can touch others in a special way, and that we can make the world a better place.

We have all heard about people who have exploded beyond the limitations of their condition to become examples of the unlimited power of the human spirit.

This competition is all about celebrating these people with a strong belief that it will influence our thoughts and actions towards building a better society. So contribute your bit towards the cause by participating in this competition.


What is “POSITIVE NEWS” Campaign?

It is a campaign started by P4U REPORTER, wherein the people have to submit “POSITIVE NEWS” on

All positive News articles will be published on P4U REPORTER unless they are spam or inappropriate.

The selected articles will be featured on front page of P4U REPORTER, promoted on social media and will have a special featured interview with P4U REPORTER.

Find the detailed information here:

Registration link


News submission link

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Who can participate?


People of any age group, any profession, any location.
Selected News Articles


Selected News articles will be featured on P4U REPORTER front (home) page.


The News articles will be promoted on social media.


A special Interview by “P4U REPORTER” of the concerned person which will be conducted and featured on front page of P4U REPORTER.


Contact No’s

(For any technical difficulties during News submission)

+91 8904667814

+91 9535844413




What is the “Positive News” that you have to submit?

Positive News is any News that has made a difference to the community or society.

It could be Stories of unsung heroes, social activists, change makers, innovators start up’s, Government policy implementations, bureaucrats, etc.

It could also be, about an event or a person or a group of individuals or an organization, which have made tremendous contribution in fields of education, science, children, women empowerment, travel, history, arts & culture, social development, etc – really, the list is endless.

In short positive news is something that inspires, that educates, that is a role model, which has made a positive contribution towards betterment of the society.


Be a bearer of the light and a force for good. Publish your News article now! We from P4U REPORTER wish you all the best and thank you for initiating the change by just reading this article.


If you would like to partner / sponsor this campaign then contact us: +91 8904667814 /


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